Example 1:»Ticks on a horizontal line»

Ticks on a horizontal line

In this game ‘check’ was made by one figure – the Elephant (or possibly – the Queen), as the virtual diagonal I4-H5-G6-F7-E8-D9-C10-B11-A12-L1-K2-J3-I4 is «shot» through by this figure, the black King can not be protected from two sides simultaneously, and there is no way for the King to go. Such position we would name as «ticks».

Example 2:»Ticks on a free vertical line (fragment)»

Ticks on a free vertical line

This position shows how to make “mate” with a Rook or an Elephant if the opponent’s King is located on a free vertical line. There are rear variants of the “ticks” on horizontal lines as well.


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